Should I Buy a SIDS Alarm? A Look at the Options

When you’re preparing everything for a new family member, it’s easy to get ready for the common and positive things. Buying diaper supplies, clothes, getting the nursery ready, picking out toys. It’s easy to get carried away with all that sugar, spice, and everything nice. However, as SIDS is a real danger, you have to keep that in mind as well. But, should you get a SIDS alarm? Here’s how we see it.

Sudden infant death syndrome is one of the greatest fears of every parent. We know it, we experienced it. Jumping in the middle of the night when you can’t hear your baby moving, or running to their room when you don’t hear cooing is nerve-wracking.

Luckily, baby monitors are now able to follow your baby’s breathing and check breathing patterns and warn you should anything go wrong.

On the other hand, people are wondering if they really need a SIDS alarm. When it comes to babies, too many people are saying too many things are absolutely necessary. However, we won’t do that. We’ll give you the facts, and let you draw your conclusions out of them.

Newborns breathe at an inconstant pace – sometimes faster, other times slower, and sometimes, they even stop breathing completely for a few seconds.  These patterns are odd and bring a lot of stress, and that’s where a SIDS alarm steps in. These breathing monitors will observe your little one’s breathing patterns, and alarm you if there are any deviations. For instance, if your baby isn’t breathing for 10 seconds, it can sound an alarm.

Although not every child needs this, the fact is that doctors still don’t exactly know what causes SIDS, or which children are in danger of it. In fact, some say that babies that have troubling predispositions or medical conditions must have one of these. Whatever the case, getting a SIDS alarm can and will give you a peace of mind, and a chance to rest without constantly having SIDS nightmares.

So, we sifted through hundreds of these products and picked four that have the best grades and customer reviews in their categories.


Our Top 4 Picks


Best Value

Snuza Hero (SE) Baby Movement Monitor

This super-simple baby monitor is also very budget-friendly, which is why it is on the very top of our list. You attach it to your baby’s diaper, and it monitors its abdominal movement. This little device tracks how often a baby moves. When those movements are under 8 per minute, it alerts the user. Firstly, Snuza Hero has a simple anti-false alarm system that we like. If the baby isn’t moving for 20 seconds, it vibrates to make the baby move. When the baby moves, Snuza goes back into the monitoring mode. However, if this happens three times in short succession, this monitor will send a warning. If there’s still no movement after another 5 seconds, Snuza will sound an alarm. Simple to use, accurate and rechargeable, this monitor is one of the most popular. We like it for its amazing range, loud alarm, and portability.



* 999 meters range

* Loud alarm that you can hear even if you’re not carrying the device in your pocket

* Incredible precision that catches your baby’s every movement



* Some users reported false alarms

* It can fall off babies that are more active

* It doesn’t offer audio monitoring


Best No-Contact

Babysense 7 – Under-The-Mattress Baby Movement Monitor

This beautifully designed SIDS alarm isn’t just nice to look at, it is also very sensitive, and wonderfully dependable. As long as you use it the right way, you won’t have to worry about false alarms. Put it on a flat surface, and rest assured that it will track every movement your baby makes while sleeping. If your little one doesn’t move for 20 seconds, Babysense 7 will sound an alarm. However, another thing that will trigger the alarm is if your child’s movement rate falls under ten micro-movements per minute. We like that this monitor comes with two sensor pads that provide ample coverage for the entire bed surface.



* Perfect for babies up to one year of age, and has no weight restrictions

* Simple setup, superb sensitivity

* Incredible customer service



* Must be on a flat surface

* Doesn’t work properly with memory foam mattresses

* No parent unit


Best Sensor Pad

Angelcare Movement Alarm with Wireless Sensor Pad

This under-the-mattress monitor is able to feel every movement. It reacts if there are no movements within 20 seconds with an alarm that can be easily heard from another room. It is battery-operated, so you can take it with you when you’re traveling, and, it has adjustable sensitivity levels. We like that Angelcare even thought about parents with twins. Just get an additional sensor pad for every additional baby bed, and you’ll have everything covered with one unit. Wireless and simple to use, this is, in fact, our top sensor pad pick. Why? Firstly, because it’s wireless, and its precision is almost unparalleled in this field. And secondly, because we like the fact that the light from the base can serve as a night light and help you move around the room without banging your toes.



* Very loud alarm

* You can adjust the sensitivity

* A temperature sensor



* Can’t use on uneven sleeping surfaces

* The battery only holds for 6 hours at a time

* Users complained about false alarms


Best Smart Device

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

If you’re anything like us, and you love gadgets that make life easier, you will adore this SIDS alarm. It’s a tiny smart sock that monitors your little one’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they are asleep. The monitor consists of three parts – a wireless monitor in the sock, a real-time smartphone app, and an independent base. If there’s any significant change in your baby’s heart rate or breathing, you will get a notification. The warning goes to the base station which sounds off with a loud beep, as well as your phone, so you won’t be able to miss it. We really like that this Bluetooth-based gadget is ready to go with you wherever you need it. Another big plus in our book, you get three socks with the smart sensor, and it takes them 3 hours to be fully charged.



* Monitors oxygen levels, heart rate, and breathing

* Both the app and the base station will sound an alarm if something’s wrong

* Cordless



* Some users complained about the sock slipping and giving them a scare

* The sock only works if your baby is asleep

* It has to be charged every day


In The End

It all depends on what you need. Don’t go for a frequently advertised product or a product that’s more expensive just because of the price tag. Pricier isn’t always better. If you decide to get a SIDS alarm, take one that’s the best fit for you and your little one. Take into consideration battery life, price, portability, sensitivity, loudness, and additional features. If you ever thought that with a new baby you need eyes on the back of your head, you will be able to breathe easier now. These monitors will help with that, and provide a peace of mind.


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