How To Increase Your Kids’ Excitement About Returning To School

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When you cast your mind back to your childhood years, did you enjoy the first day of school after a long break? Indeed, going back after a break can be a bit of a sting for many children. Australian kids spend 200 days annually in school; therefore, these breaks are welcome news for them. However, being back in the classroom and possibly with a new teacher can be met with little to no enthusiasm. Fortunately, you can make a lot of difference by taking steps to get them ready. For children to excel in school, it would help to get them excited about it. And below are some tips.

  1. Let them choose back-to-school supplies

This is an age-old trick most adults employ to get kids excited about going back to school. Getting your children to feel somewhat in control of their new school supplies makes them mentally ready to go back. If your child is old enough to read and write, you can encourage them to list essential back-to-school supplies. At this stage, there is always a chance of them listing some non-essentials. You must know how to negotiate with them to drop those items that may be unnecessary. 

However, you can agree to let them keep one or two non-essentials as a ‘compensation package’ as they get geared up for school. If your child is not at the age to write, you can involve them by asking questions about colouring materials used in school. Also, how about printing pictures of basic school supplies and asking them to mark those they need? This technique effectively draws your young ones’ attention to school after being home for a while.

  1. Do some research

If your child is starting at a new school, it can be helpful for both you and your child if you research the school beforehand. This can include looking at the school’s website, talking to other parents or students who have attended the school, visiting the school if possible and checking out reviews, such as Eva Carlston reviews. This can help you and your child feel more confident and prepared for the first day of school.

  1. Help them get more rest

Establishing a regular bedtime routine and waking up at consistent times can help your child feel more rested and prepared for the school day. This can also help your child get into the habit of following a schedule, which is fantastic for when the school year starts.

  1. Make the first day of school extra special

The first day of returning to school can be rushed and devoid of anything special for the kids. On the contrary, when you plan for the first day, it will be easy to show your little ones how special the day is. Some ideas to explore are photos on the first day of school reopening, a customised gift, new school spirit wear, or a few balloons to decorate the breakfast table. If you make this a tradition, you can have an album full of new school year memories. The options are countless, and it’s up to you to decide what works best for your child.

  1. Plan play dates the weekend before school starts

This strategy is effective at getting your kids excited and expectant. They will be eager to see a few close friends before school starts. The objective here is quite similar to why group therapy is organised. The possibility of your kids’ friends also dreading going back to school is high. However, play dates offer an opportunity to share their ‘problems’ and look forward to returning to school. You will be surprised to discover how appreciative other parents may be of this initiative.

Going back to school should not always be met with low enthusiasm. It can be fun and memorable when you take the needed steps.